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Creating a wallet

When deploying and interacting with Smart Contracts, you can create a wallet on KMS to sign transactions.


Do not use wallets on Starton KMS for production.Starton provides test wallets hosted on our Key Management System, but when going in production, to maintain control over your wallets, you should use your own KMS. To create a wallet on Starton KMS use the /kms/wallet endpoint and enter for "kmsId" the value "kms_33333333333333333333333333333333”.

To create a wallet from the code of your application, use the following snippet. You can find the full list of networks and event types in our API reference.

const axios = require("axios")
// First, authenticate to the API
const startonApi = axios.create({
baseURL: "",
headers: {
"x-api-key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
// Use the wallet creation endpoint
.post("/v3/kms/wallet", {
description: '',
name: '',
metadata: {},
kmsId: ''}
.then((response) => {