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Starton Overview

Starton has created a single API and a frontend to standardize the deployment and interaction of smart contracts. This way, the potential of blockchain technology becomes accessible even to people with minor knowledge of this technology.

Starton Services

Starton regroups multiple services that offer different ways to integrate blockchain technology to your product:

  • Smart contracts consists of:
    • Library: a collection of ready-to-use audited smart contracts so you don't need to code your own.
    • Deploy: a service to deploy smart contracts on the network of your choice. You can also import an already deployed smart contract.
    • Interact: a service to interact a deployed smart contract. No need to code your integration or use any provider.
  • Relayer is an API to create transactions, deploy or interact with your smart contracts. It is the underlying API on which are based Deploy and Interact. Starton handles transactions and providers, deals with nonce issues, keys management, and monitors blockchains.
  • Monitor empowers your application by creating watchers returning specific events happening on a chosen blockchain. When conditions are met, watchers will then notify you through webhooks.
  • Storage is Starton's pinning service that makes IPFS - the InterPlanetary FileSystem - accessible to anyone. With this service, we can host your files, folders and jsons on our IPFS nodes so they stay available at any time.
  • Starton Services