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Starton compute units

Compute units are a measure of the computing resources used by an operation and are typically used to determine the cost of using computing services. They are based on factors such as CPU time, memory usage, and network traffic.

Similarly, Starton compute units are a measure of the computing power used by Starton to track a project's resource consumption. This standard unit allows users to easily understand and manage their resource usage.


Depending on your subscription plan, monthly usage quotas may differs.

With every Starton plan, you get a specific amount of monthly calls available. The number of compute units varies based on the plan you select. Please visit the pricing page for more information on compute units.

Estimating compute unit needs

Compute units are counted based on your usage of the following:

UsageCompute unit cost
CU per smart contract deployed750
CU per transaction750
CU per read queries20
CU per watcher events20
CU per Go/days500
CU per upload50
CU per watcher created1000

Be aware of simulations.

When deploying a smart contract from the API, you can set the simulation parameter to true. For more information, see the API reference. In this case you are going to need two API calls to deploy your smart contract. From the web application, the simulation is part of the deployment which is why it counts as two deployments.

Compute units cost per API call

The price of an API call is the exact amount of compute units that will be counted toward your API usage billing. Rest assured that you will be accurately charged for only what you consume.

RouteOperationCost in compute units

WEB3 Usage examples

If you already have an idea of your WEB3 needs, go to the pricing page and use our simulator to understand how many compute units you would need.

We have prepared two examples for you to understand what you can do with compute units.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of the deployment of a collection of 1000 NFTs in compute units:

ComponentsCost in compute units
1 smart contract1750
1000 image (10 Mb per image)10 Go150000
1 metadata file150
1000 transactions - mint1000750000

Here is the breakdown of the cost of WEB3 Gaming use case with 10 000 of daily users on average:

Daily dropp.day100007500000
Daily tradep.day500375000
Event p.drop#10000200000
Daily Total8085000
Monthly total242550000
  • Estimating compute unit needs