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Creating a transaction

You can create a transaction from Code with Starton.

Here you can create a simple transaction. For all advanced parameters, check the Transaction section of our API reference.

const axios = require("axios")

const startonAPI = axios.create({
baseURL: "",
headers: {
"x-api-key": "YOUR_API_KEY",

.post("/v3/transaction", {
network: "polygon-mumbai",
signerWallet: "0x694F07CEEc0869aa0dB5E8157FA538268F28B23f",
from: "0x694F07CEEc0869aa0dB5E8157FA538268F28B23f",
to: "0x6d86C7046CCfA2022BFcad18F0C993B55e1512dE",
value: "100", // in wei.
.then((res) => console.log(
.catch((e) => console.log(e))