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  • Starton Playground

    Welcome to Starton’s playground! Dive into our application and discover a world of possibilities. We've designed a quick and intuitive flow to walk you through the unique features Starton offers, and we’ll show you just how easy it is to integrate them into your own application. Let’s start exploring together. Try it!


  • Discord Communities management simplified

    Starton started making community management easy by providing you with a bot to verify roles on Discord. We added a feature for you to reward users using commands on your server. Airdrop tokens and NFTs to create engaged WEB3 communities. Read More

  • Now supporting royalties

    Starton now offers three smart contracts supporting the NFT Royalty Standard which enable you to set and retrieve royalty payment information by filling two new parameters in the contructor of your smart contract at deployment. Read More


  • Announcing Custom Events in Monitor

    We are excited to announce the release of a new feature in Watcher - Custom Events! With this feature, you can now set up watchers to monitor specific events emitted by smart contracts on the blockchain. This gives you greater flexibility and control over the events you want to track and respond to. Read More


  • Launching Starton plans and extra units

    You can now subscribe to a plan that fits your needs. Starton offers plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users, specifically designed to meet the different requirements of solo developers and teams. Check out our website to understand our plans. Once subscribed, you can allow more compute units. Read More

  • Discover Starton Dashboard and Compute Units system

    Starton introduces a new way of managing your blockchain needs. You can now accurately estimate the cost of using computing resources for your projects with compute units on the Dashboard. For the duration of the Beta, all limitations regarding projects are removed so that you can try Starton at its full potential and determine your usage. Read More

  • Starton is migrating from to

    We have upgraded our domain from to to provide a more reliable service to our users. This decision reflects our commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality and creating a positive experience for our customers.


  • Launching Starton Form Factory

    What happens when our team encounters the limits of a component? We build a new one to provide you with the best user experience. You can see that our inputs in smart contracts have been built with Starton Form Factory so that you can retrieve critical information easily, such as CID and wallet addresses.


  • Multi user collaboration on a project

    You can now invite users to work on a project. Users are notified by email. You can see pending invitations, users joining the project, and remove users from a project. Read more

  • Brand-new toolbox to integrate WEB3 to your project

    You can now use our new ready-to-use tools developed for you to plug Starton to social media platforms and integration plugins. Read more

  • Enhanced Smart contract templates interface

    The deployment of smart contracts from interface has been enhanced. You now access all the templates at a glance. You can click on each template to see what you need to deploy the contract, the functions you can call to interact with your smart contract or even the events you can monitor. Read more


  • Search smart contract functions

    When interacting with smart contracts on Dashboard, you can now use the search feature to browse the functions of your smart contracts. For a clearer understanding, functions are now sorted between read, write and payable functions. Read more

  • Withdraw funds from wallets

    You can now withdraw funds deposited on your wallet in Starton from Dashboard. This operation is a transaction you can perform directly from your wallet list. Read more

  • Nonce and Status columns have been added to the transactions list

    To enable you to access the most relevant information at a glance, a column has been added for nonces and status on your all activity transactions list. Read more

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