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Creating a wallet

When deploying and interacting with Smart Contracts, you can create a wallet on KMS to sign transactions.


Do not use wallets on Starton KMS for production.


  1. From Dashboard, go to Wallet.
  2. Click Add a wallet.
  3. Select a type of wallet:
    • Create a wallet on Starton's Key Management System enables you to deploy and interact with Smart Contracts on testnets.
    • Connect a single Wallet from a Key Management System enables you to set up a wallet to sign transactions automatically.
    • Connect your KMS and grand full access to Starton enables you to use multiple wallets for advanced projects.
  4. Enter a Name and a Description for your wallet.

You can now use your wallet.


When creating a wallet on KMS, Starton provides you with faucets to help you with your first transactions on the following networks: binance-testnet, polygon-mumbai, avalanche-fuji.

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