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About Wallets

To interact with blockchains, you need to sign transactions with a wallet to prove ownership over the associated address.

When deploying and interacting with Smart Contracts, you can use an external wallet to sign transactions manually. Starton supports Metamask.


Transactions signed with a third party wallet will not be managed by our Relayer.

You can also use a wallet stored in a Key Management System (KMS). A KMS enables you to sign transactions automatically.


For testing purposes, Starton provides you with a wallet stored on their own KMS. With it, you can discover all the features and start building.


Do not use wallets on Starton KMS for production.

For production projects, to maintain control over your wallets, you can either grant Starton access to a wallet on your KMS. For more advanced projects involving several wallets, grant Starton full access to your KMS.

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