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Transaction state and status

When creating a transaction, the execution lifecycle involves several states informing you on the status of the transaction.


A transaction can return one of the four following states.

SuccessSUCCESSTransaction is successful. No action required.
PendingPENDINGTransaction is in progress. No action required.
BlockedMANUAL_ACTION_REQUIREDTransaction cannot be processed. Manual action is required on your part.
ErrorERRORAn error occurred on the transaction. See below for more information.


Within each state, a status provides you information on the reason for the state.

Success statuses

MINEDTransaction mined with success.
CONFIRMEDTransaction confirmed with success. Your transaction appears on the blockchain and a number of transactions have been mined afterwards.

Pending statuses

UNKNOWNAn unknown error occured. Please contact us or retry later.
REPLACEDTransaction replaced with another transaction with the same nonce.
FAILEDTransaction reverted by the blockchain.
GAS_PRICE_ESTIMATEDGas price estimated with success.
GAS_LIMIT_ESTIMATEDGas limit estimated with success.
NONCE_ASSIGNEDNonce assigned with success.
SIGNEDTransaction signed with success.
SENT_TO_MEMPOOLTransaction sent to mempool with success.
ALREADY_KNOWNThis transaction is already present on the mempool.
MONITORING_IN_PROGRESSStarton is currently monitoring your transaction.
STUCK_BY_PREVIOUS_TRANSACTIONToo many transaction with a lower nonce are presently pending before we can process this transaction.
NEW_TRANSACTION_HASHA new transaction hash is assigned to your transaction because we increased the gas price.
MONITORING_INTERRUPTEDStarton is no longer monitoring your transaction.
GAS_PRICE_INCREASEDGas price increased successfully.
RECEIVED_BY_STARTONTransaction was received by Starton API.
CREATED_BY_STARTONTransaction was created by Starton API to replace a transaction stuck because of a too low gas price.

Blocked statuses


Transactions in a blocked status require a manual action on your part. Check Blocked transactions troubleshooting for more information.

COULD_NOT_INCREASE_GAS_PRICECould not increase gas price. Your relayer gas price settings do not allow us to increase it more.
COULD_NOT_INCREASE_NONCEYour transaction is stuck because another transaction with a lower nonce is missing. We tried to create it for you, but we could not.
MAX_GAS_PRICE_REACHCould not increase the gas, maximum gas price set in project was reached (+-15%).
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS_AFTER_BROADCASTYour transaction was broadcasted successfully but is now stuck because your funds are insufficient. You need to add funds to your wallet to process this and all the following transactions.

Error statuses

INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSYour funds are insufficient.
COULD_NOT_ESTIMATE_GAS_PRICECould not estimate gas price. If this issue persists, you can set a custom gas price.
INVALID_GAS_PRICEYou must set a valid customGas. (For example, For example, on a prior-EIP1559 chain, you can't set maxFeePerGas and maxPriorityFeePerGas.)
REPLACEMENT_GAS_PRICE_UNDERPRICEDThe gas price is insufficient to replace this transaction. You must increase its gas price by at least 10%.
COULD_NOT_ESTIMATE_GAS_LIMITCould not estimate gas limit. If this issue persists, you can set a custom gas limit (not recommended).
EXECUTION_WILL_FAILYour transaction failed when we estimated the gas limit. It means that in the current state of the blockchain, your transaction is invalid and will be reverted if you broadcast it.
INVALID_ARGUMENTSome arguments in the parameters object are invalid. Check the required parameters in your ABI.
COULD_NOT_ASSIGN_NONCECould not assign nonce. If this issue persists, you can set a specific nonce.
NONCE_EXPIREDYou try to send a transaction with a nonce already used.
COULD_NOT_SIGNCould not sign your transaction. If the issue persists and if you imported your KMS, check the permissions given to Starton.
COULD_NOT_BROADCASTCould not broadcast your transaction because of an unknown error. Please contact us or retry later.
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