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Understanding IPFS

Blockchains are made to store transaction information. As each node in the blockchain network holds same copy of registry which contains the whole history of every transaction on the network, storing data on the blockchain is very costly.

As a result, large dataset are stored on a different network. IPFS (InterPlanetary FileSystem) is specifically designed to store and access files. IPFS is a distributed file-sharing system using peer-to-peer network.

On IPFS, each node hosts a set of files and makes it available to anyone. To retrieve content, hosted by at least one active node in the network.

Starton Storage offers to host your content on our nodes to ensure their availability at all-time without maintenance needs.


On IPFS, each file is referenced by a specific hash, called CID (Content IDentifier). This CID is appended to the base ipfs://ipfs/ to form the URI like so:


For more information, check out IPFS documentation.

  • URI and CID