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Track a wallet activity on a Googlesheets using Starton and Zapier

In this tutorial, we will create a tracker for wallet with Starton and Zapier. We will start by creating a webhook on Zapier, adding the URL in a watcher on Starton, to populate a Googlesheets on Google Drive.

You will need:

Create a webhook

  1. From Starton, go to Tools.
  2. Click on the Zapier card.
  3. Log in with your Zapier credentials.
  4. Click Accept Invite & Build a Zap.
  5. Click Create Zap.
  6. In Trigger, select Webhook.
  7. In Event, select Catch Raw Hook and click to Continue.

Zapier provides you with a Webhook URL. We will need this URL in our Watcher on Starton.

Creating a watcher in Starton

  1. In Starton, go to Monitor.
  2. Click + Watcher.
  3. Select a Type of notification and click Next. You can use Address Activity to track when an address receives base currency or creates a transaction. For more information, check out Available event types.
  4. Enter the watcher's Name and Description. Click Next.
  5. Select the blockchain on which you want to track the wallet (for example, we use Binance Smart Chain testnet ).
  6. Enter the Wallet Address that you need to track.
  7. Copy the URL and paste in Webhook URL.
  8. Enter the number of Confirmations Blocks to wait before receiving the notification. More information on confirmation blocks. For this example we use BSC Testnet, so we use 48 confirmation blocks.
  9. Click Create.

Testing the trigger

To test, the webhook and the watcher, we need to send currency to the wallet to trigger for an activity event.

  1. Transfer tokens to the wallet you need to watch. This will trigger an event in your watcher.
  2. Wait for the number of Confirmations Block configured.
  3. Come back to Zapier and click Test trigger. If it's successful, you will read We found a request!.
  4. Click Continue.

Configure the googlesheets

  1. In Zapier, select an Action.
    1. For this integration, select Google Sheets.
    2. In Event, select Create Spreadsheet Row and click Continue.
    3. Link your Google Sheets account.
    4. Select your Google Sheets account.
    5. Click to Continue.
  2. In Google Drive, go to your Google Sheets.
  3. Create a new Google sheets.
  4. In Zapier, enter your spreadsheet.
    1. Select a Worksheet, for this example we use Sheet1.
    2. On your Google sheets, create a header in cell A1, and type Your event name, for this example ADDRESS_ACTIVITY.
    3. On Zapier, you can view the Event name typed in Your event name in the Google Sheets.
    4. Select the data you want to save in your google sheets.
    5. Click Continue.
  5. Click to Test action. If successful, you can see your data in your google sheets.
  6. Now you can save your zap.

Congratulations! The activity of your wallet is now tracked on a Googlesheets.

Loubna Benzaama

Lead technical writer


February 26, 2024

Reading time:

3 min

  • Create a webhook
  • Creating a watcher in Starton
  • Testing the trigger
  • Configure the googlesheets