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Onboarding on Starton

By creating a free account on Starton, you can deploy and interact with your Smart contract, store files on IPFS and watch your transactions. There are a few things you need to get from Starton Dashboard, regardless of whether you want to use Starton from the interface or the API.

The first thing we will need is an account in Starton.

Creating an account

Create an account for free

Setting up your API key

You need to be authenticated by Starton's API. To do so, let's create your API key:

  1. From the Menu, click Developer.
  2. Click + API key.
  3. Enter your key information.
  4. Click Next.

You created your first API key. Learn how to authenticate using your API key in your application in our Developer section.


Note that your API key should be SECRET. With it, anyone could call the Starton API on your behalf. For security purposes, API keys are only accessible once at creation.

Setting up a wallet on Starton

When deploying and interacting with Smart Contracts on testnet, you can create a wallet on Starton KMS to sign transactions.

  1. From Dashboard, go to Wallet.
  2. Click Add a wallet.
  3. Enter a Name and a Description for your wallet.

You can now use your wallet.


We do not advise you to transfer mainnet funds on this wallet. Though possible, this wallet is meant for test only.

You can also import your own KMS at any time and change ownership of your Smart contract. Read more in Tutorials.

What's next?

Let's create an app. Select one of the following guides to fit your usecase.

Now that you're all set, what would you like to do with Starton in your app?

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